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Bixby Educational Events, Inc. (B.E.E.) is an educational non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that has been in business since 2007. B.E.E. started with a group of homeschool parents in leadership that wanted more opportunities to prepare their students. We aimed to create an organization that would add to other’s educational programs, to train and provide students with the skills and resources they will need for the changing economy.  B.E.E. is a community organization uniting the partners for our constituents to have access to more.

The mission of Bixby Educational Events, Inc. is to provide the necessary experiences that students will need to be prepared for the workforce.  We believe that incorporating the steady practice of the Arts is essential to developing transferable skills as well as encouraging innovation in every student. Our vision is that students will graduate knowing who they are, what skills they have to offer, and discovering their path for future career success.  This will prepare them to make significant contributions to the creative industry as well as the national economy.

Our constituents are families who have chosen an alternative education. They are a culturally diverse group with limited financial means to provide a quality, independent education for their children. Parents do this through co-operatives, small private schools and charter schools. We partner with these groups, and by uniting the community, we help them meet their educational goals.

Many families cannot afford the necessary classroom fees, and thus, are left without the benefits of reinforcement, access to a variety of arts disciplines, or enrichment of core learning. The courses are designed to prepare our students for adult life in our ever-evolving society. Our education programs are unique because by providing an arts-integrated curriculum, they foster students’ imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills, all of which are necessary agents in developing adaptable and well-rounded members of our society.

B.E.E. is uniting homeschool families to have access to more. Located in Mission Viejo but serving homeschool group locations around Orange County. We have brokered access to Professional Artists through Segerstrom Center and Career Readiness programming through Junior Achievement. Our classes and workshops are tailored to the ages and needs of the student, and are designed to seamlessly integrate to what they are learning in their core classes. Each class is a project-based learning experience that provides context, direction, purpose, and frame of reference so that what they are doing will enhance and reinforce their academic learning. Prices vary per location and discounts are available.

We currently serve approximately 1000 home schooling families from 9 charter and private schools in the Orange County area. Eighty percent of these families are struggling to pay for their necessities and cannot afford extra costs for classes. B.E.E. has tried to keep our classes affordable, available, and accessible to the whole community.

Our goal with creating the HIVE (Homeschool Initiative for Vocational Education) is to build an environment where students can come and begin to invest in their future career paths. The details of what that looks like will be determined by the students in the programs and the teachers/parents involvement in making it happen.  We have credentialed teachers that can write curriculum and elective classes to go with specific career experiences in mind.

Our hope is that we will become an incubator of new businesses and for students to have a clear direction of their major for college.

We believe that every child:

  1. can learn
  2. has skills
  3. has a purpose
  4. may need help with a plan.