Always inspired

Parent:  I just want to let you know the kids are so excited to show off their works tomorrow at NUA showcase which is held every year toward the end of school year by the homeschool kids. The kids will have a spot to showcase their entire work done at Bix-bee including the IEW book Michael created. Thanks so much for everything.

BEE:  You are way too kind, these projects were done at home and came in to be shared.

Parent:  If I have not enrolled the kids to your campus they would not have these cool projects. They always came home inspired and came up with project ideas. This shows what great teachers you have. I just helped them make their project ideas come to reality.

BEE:  This sounds like the results of a great collaboration of school, parent and enrichment.  Students winning!

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Founder of Bixby Educational Events, Inc., fondly known as B.E.E., an educational non-profit providing services to the Home, Private and Charter School Communities of Orange County.