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This year we will be diving deep into the Middle Ages – joining us will be Maire Clerkin.

About the Artist

Máire Clerkin is an actor, Irish Dancer, choreographer, writer and teacher. From London of Irish parents, she moved to sunny California in 2003. She tours her one-woman show (see Performances), teaches dance drama in schools, runs literacy through dance education programs, (see Teaching), leads Irish music & dance ensemble A Gaelic Gathering (see A Gaelic Gathering), acts, choreographs and directs freelance (see resume and Choreodrama), holds Storytelling workshops (see Teaching), adjudicatesfeiseanna (Irish dancing competitions) nationally and internationally and is also a voice actor – see separate website and listen to her voiceover demos on mauraclerkin.com.

In 2008, her one-woman comedy play The Bad Arm – Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer, was LA Weekly’s Theater Pick and following fantastic press and audience acclaim at both Hollywood and Chicago Fringe Festivals, Maire wowed them at Dublin’s Ceim Eile Festival and the New York International Fringe Festival in 2011, California International Theatre Festival and Santa Cruz Fringe Festival in 2012 and acclaimed performances in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Vancouver, Jacksonville, Sacramento and San Diego with numerous return appearances at Theatre Asylum in Los Angeles.

How to Participate

Maire will be joining us on Tuesdays starting Sept. 20th.  You can join for a few hours here  or through our Arts Teach Program and add the visual arts with all of the core subjects being covered.  Students of all ages can join us in the adventure.  

How do you like adventure stories?  Hundreds of years ago, on a  tiny island called Iona, a group of monks invented a strange, uniquely colorful and beautiful book!  The Book of Kells – covered in pictures of mythical creatures, optical illusions, spiral patterns and letters – became world famous. In the Middle Ages, the Vikings came and attacked the monks. But some were able to escape across the sea to Ireland, where the book was secretly hidden. In this special class, we will re-enact the adventures of everyone involved, including the goose whose feathers are used to write! With games in rhythm, movement skills, comedy and acting, we add Irish Dance to create a dance play with time travel. This exciting program runs alongside classes in visual arts, where students can discover how to re-create the Book of Kells and explore how ways in which dance and drama mix brilliantly together.


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