Meet Jim Seiler

Meet Jim: He is our Junior Achievement volunteer who will be working with us and teaching the JA Company class on the campus of HSC in Feb 2014.

Jim Seiler’s career can be described as a dynamic, profit-oriented C Level Executive and Board of Director member with a unique blend of Fortune 500 and small business hands on experience. He has functioned as a turnaround specialist as a goal driven change agent,…

Student Market Place Success

We had a wonderful time investigating the creativity and businesses of the students in our community. Here is a look at what went on at our first community wide student marketplace.

I was so impressed with the creativity of this family and all of the wonderful items for sale. One of the items that caught my attention was the DIY kit …

The WHY and WHAT of Arts Integration in Education

As promised by Donna Bixby, in last week’s post, this week we will start to introduce you to the WHY and the WHAT of an Arts Integrated Education.

WHY? Because the Arts change Cognition and Conceptual Thinking, where new ideas, problem solving skills, abstraction, reflection, and creative thinking occurs. To develop these parts of the brain, it is necessary to turn on the switches that are involved within these physical and chemical areas. The Arts have been proven to help growth and reinforcement in all these areas.

With pictures, physical theater, …

How of BEE part 3

In last week’s post, I mentioned how I saw what a difference the Arts Events made for my family, and I felt that more families deserved this same opportunity. This is where the idea to make them available through a “field trip” experience for all children was born.

We sought out a name for the company that would describe the people we serve. They are busy moms, who are out searching for resources to produce high quality education for children. They resembled to me a picture of being like ‘busy bees’, gathering pollen to produce high quality honey. B.E.E. (Bixby Educational Events, Inc.) …

Why and How of BEE part 2

In my last post, I told you about our son Jon and the fact that we were headed off to an educational show. I didn’t realize the impact that such a show would make in our lives. It was a performance from SCR (South Coast Repertory) called Weedpatch Kids. As soon as I entered the tent and realized we were going to see a live theater performance, I was looking for an escape. But not my 7 & 10 year old boys, they were headed for front row seats! The story was set in time of the 1930’s …

Why I started BEE

While, most of you know little bits and pieces of my story, I wanted to share with you more of my story. The story behind why I have such a passion for the Arts.

When it came time to “send” my oldest son Jon to school, my concern for him was the rigidity with which he interacted with everything. For example: when he played with his Legos, each block had a specific purpose and no other options for it. I could see no innate creativity at work