B.E.E. Shaped My Future

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(S)He was always so zealous and honorable in fulfilling (her) compact with me, that (s)he made me zealous and honorable in fulfilling mine with (her).

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


As I sit here ready to share my story, I realize that where I am today is due to the zeal and honor B.E.E. gave and continues to give me. I hope my life will do it justice.

In July 2013, I was connected with Donna Bixby of B.E.E. Though she didn’t know me, she believed in me and focused on my passion for computer programming. I was pressed to learn HTML and lured with an I.T. carrot that I could help create and maintain her website if I learned it well. From there, I assisted the website, tagged along to Pepperdine meetings, and met with other businessmen, enrolled in Junior Achievement with B.E.E., and gained hands-on experience to being an entrepreneur. Later, B.E.E. helped me with reference letters, resume writing assistance, and networking. Beyond all these experiences, it was Ms. Bixby’s infectious drive that caused me to learn, grow, and become the person I am today.

The homeschool world offers many options; charters that gives $, private campuses that offer classes, co-ops that have our peers, etc., yet finding someone that cares for the individual child is rare; B.E.E. did that for me.

Now, I’m 17 years old. This summer I interned with JPL/NASA and got to be part of the Juno Orbiter Insertion team! I am about to graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Yesterday, I finished an interview for a job in a local DevOps team. Every day, I feel excited and blessed about the future. I’m finally doing what I love to do, thanks to B.E.E.

I’ll finish this with my rendition of E.B. White quote: Charlotte Web It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good/writer, mentor.  Mrs. Bixby, to me, you are both.

Brennen Tien

Former B.E.E. Student/ Apprentice

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