What if your child loved going to school?

What if your child loved going to school? Sound like a fantasy? It’s not. It is our mission to find your child’s passions and help them translate that in to an actual career. We think that children, who are given the chance to discover their passions early in life, will embrace learning to an extent most parents only dream of…

Six types of curriculum

Now that you are thinking through your educational philosophy and understanding more about your students learning preferences, now let’s think through curriculum.

Per Dr. Sherri L Wynn, Ed.D. author of How to Pick the Right Teaching Strategy for Children and Teens, (pg 24) the world seems to have accepted the tem curriculum as an all-inclusive name for whatever content is being taught, I believe it’s important to create categories of curriculum according to type rather than subject matter.

I know for most moms starting into their journey of home education, their first concern is usually what curriculum to buy. My hope is that this process is enlightening you to the facts that “content” can be instructed many different ways and you can do it in such a way that your child thrives.

Dr. Wynn helps us think through categories of curriculum according to a type rather than subject matter…

It’s about more than just the curriculum

When you choose to homeschool, your first questions are usually about what curriculum should be used. As the Internet has grown, so have your available options for choosing curriculum, which will make the decision process even harder – unless you know the learning strategy that is best for your student. I will be using the book mentioned below as a basis for starting the process for creating your Individual Learning Program.

In Dr. Wynn’s book …

Hope for a different high school program

I want to share with you a special Thank You note I recently received from one of our students, which I hope inspires you about other High School program options available to you.

Here is Brennen’s letter:

As I sit here ready to share my story, I realize that where I am today is due to the zeal and honor B.E.E. gave and continues to give me. I hope my life will do it justice.

In July 2013, I was connected with Donna Bixby of B.E.E. Though she didn’t know me, she believed in me and focused on my passion for computer programming. I was pressed to learn HTML and lured with an I.T. carrot that I could help create and maintain her website if I learned it well….

FREE ID badges with our trick and treat open house

Join in the fun! Stay, shop and see the performance!

Treats and Tricks for all. Plan to come and stay from 10 – 2 pm.

A photographer will be here for school pictures. You as the Parent/Teacher can take an ID badge home. If you are wondering why, these come in handy at many stores that allow for teacher discounts. Michael’s, Barnes & Noble and Staples to name a few…

Even though the photographer is sponsored from Inspire – you can have your school’s name on your ID badge.

This event is being sponsored by BEE and Smart N Final. (normally a $4.00 per person cost available FREE for the first 50 sign-ups)

Picture time is from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Confessions of a Homeschool Survivor

When fall came, my mother called the public school in our small farm town. Since I had a January birthday, they reported, I would have to go back and start over in kindergarten. This would not do. I was energetic, easily distracted, and in need of constant challenging. Thus began the research, prayer, and —let’s say it— courage that would lead my parents to homeschool me and my two younger siblings from Day 1 to our respective High School Graduations.

Introduction to Homeschooling

Why homeschooling?

Who can understand and value your child more than you? As both parent and teacher, you’ll discover that homeschooling is the best way to educate your child. It is flexible, fun, and allows you to:

Adjust your educational program to fit your child’s individual needs

Grow closer as a family unit

Develop your child’s specific interests and God-given talents

Spend time working on weak areas while building on your child’s strengths

Give your child more opportunities for hands-on learning

Teach an academic skill or concept until your child learns it

Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem…

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