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  • Are you interested in a cohesive program where the core subject is integrated with the electives?  Check out the details of each of our Two Day Program by clicking here.


  • Here is an example of our teacher newsletter sharing with you how to incorporate the learning on campus with activities that can be done at home.   Click here


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Arts Teach

The Arts Teach program is for the student who is already interested in the Arts.

Your student maybe showing signs of interest in drawing, film making, dance, music or theater.

Company Program
The H.I.V.E.
Urban STEAM Program
  • Are you interested in purchasing a single class "a-la-carte'?

Individual classes in the Arts will be available for Fall 2018.  In order to participate you must register with BEE.


  • How do I get this "tuition free"?  You must be a Charter school family.  Click here to see if we are approved with your charter school.

A-La-Carte classes

Individual Class Pricing per school year
  • Freedom to choose within music, dance and/or theater classes
  • Variety of class offerings
  • Taught by professionals
  • At Orange County Music and Dance studios

Cohesive Program

Tuition paid by Charter or Parent per school year
  • Support curriculum included
  • Provides context for the student
  • Content integration
  • Consistent building of skill sets

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Contact us by phone: 855 4 ART BEE (427-8233) during normal business hours or contact