Charter Family

For the purpose of this website, you are a Charter Family if you are enrolled in one of the charter schools listed below.  You are eligible to participate in all of our educational options.

We are listed as Bixby Educational Events, Inc. or (B.E.E.) on the approved vendor list of these Charter Schools: Compass Charter Schools, ExcelILead, InspireNational University Academy,  Sage Oak,  Summit Academy, Sky Mountain and Valiant Prep charter schools.


Enrollment Procedures

To reserve each individual students' place in a program for the fall, you must "shop" using one shopping cart per student.  This will insure one confirmation number for your purchase order.

You have one of two educational options.

  1. You may purchase one "Main" day, which includes 2 core classes + electives, or the Studio day, on a single day.
  2. You may purchase a two day "Themed Program", which includes 4 core classes + electives over a two day period.

Please submit all purchase orders for a monthly payment option.

If your charter does not cover the full cost of the program, then you are responsible for the difference.


Purchase either the 2-Day (Themed program), or the 1-Day (Main) options.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)