Courses Middle School

Choosing our 6th – 8th grade course program allows you to pick from a one (main) day or a two day (combined) program.

In order to participate in any of our programs or classes, you must first pay the Registration Fee per family. This is non-refundable and may not be covered by any charter funds.

The prices reflect the total cost for a full academic year.  Each age grouping is limited to 15 students.  This is subject to change for allowance of siblings in the same group and for bigger group activities such as dance.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

For students at this grade level, we believe it is our mission to find your child's passions and help them translate that into an actual career.  We think that children, who are given the chance to discover their passions early in life will embrace learning to an extent most parents only dream of.

What if your child could discover their passion for the Arts, mechanical work, technical skill or fashion design before they enter college?  What if their high school years were spent developing real vocational skills in the fields they are passionate about?  How much would that change their future careers and ignite their passion for learning?

We are here to provide that opportunity for your child in a student centered environment.  Click for more information on Career Technical Education (CTE).


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