Creekside Christian School

Creekside is a K-12 private school satellite program (PSP)

in compliance with California state law for private schools.


Since 1993, Creekside Christian School has been dedicated to encouraging parents to teach, train and equip their children in obedience to God’s Word.  It is our desire to be effective in service and to fully worship our Lord Jesus Christ today and in the future.


Families may enroll for the purpose of home schooling their children.

  • Parent selected and purchased curriculum of their choosing.
  • Like Minded community group
  • Master Parent Teacher Series - Teacher training meetings once a month.
  • Record keeping - "cummulative file"
  • Group field trips for bigger discounts
  • Social opportunities for all
  • Parent Co-op opportunities for shared subject study.
  • To learn more visit their website by clicking here: Creekside



  • Parent attendance at faculty meetings
  • Proof of a current HSLDA membership
  • Agreement to Statement of Faith

For more information contact us directly at:


Phone:      (855) 427-8233  x 707



To participate in the private school umbrella sponsored by B.E.E. for the Creekside Christian School, you will need to do the following:

1) Sign-up with HSLDA (HomeSchool Legal Defense Association)

2) Pay the Premium Family Membership

  • This pays for the yearly administrative fee. Under payment options, you can choose to be billed monthly by clicking "Other".
  • Be sure to create an Account during the checkout process.
  • This also entitles you to discounts on other B.E.E. classes and activities.