Don’t Panic! We have your back. Part 1

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Don’t Panic!  I have been receiving emails and calls from those of you concerned that you won’t be able to use your charter funds with BEE.  If you are using charter funds to participate with BEE you will be able to continue to use those funds next year also, or at least as far as BEE is concerned.

Even though on the surface many of you know BEE as a vendor that provides the Arts shows and now classes, behind the scenes BEE has been building an organizational structure to provide a pathway to be able to work with any homeschooling group in Orange County.

Here is what you may need to know for your charter or for the growth of your homeschool group; from what I have learned over the last 8 years.

There is a law in the property tax code in Orange County that speaks to the rules of how a nonprofit tax exempt property (like a church) is allowed to lease or rent property to another organization.  It is in the Welfare Tax Exemption code.  The way that I understand it and the other areas of the code is that; in order to rent a property from a church to set-up “a campus” and for it to take place more than one day a week, it has to be a school and a nonprofit tax exempt organization.

If your charter is not established with in Orange County with a brick and mortar facility of their own, then in order for them to function in Orange County and have a campus of their own,  they would have to be approved by the Orange County School Board to set-up a facility; under the Education code of the OC.  Since most of the charters are based out of Orange County, I think they will be happy with this new added business structure of BEE too because it will allow all of us the capability of a 2 day a week program.

BTW – most of the charters are also a nonprofit organization too.

Our corporation structure will look something like this…

  • BEE – Umbrella 501 c 3 educational nonprofit tax exempt – providing experiences for the homeschool community that are not accessible to us otherwise – like our partnership with Junior Achievement.
  • H.I.V.E. – a private school umbrella to allow us to rent property – sponsored by BEE and possibility do so much more….

We feel that the Career Readiness Programs through Junior Achievement is the backbone for curriculum to prepare your students for the economy they will be graduating into as well as the mainstay of a new campus.  This campus will be one where people from the “business world” are involved in our classrooms, allowing your students an opportunity to discover a career, learn practical skills, and at graduation, be ready to invest themselves on their own path.

Our Mission at BEE has been the same: to provide the educational experiences that your student needs. Our passion is making certain that your student will be finding out “who they are, what they want and how to get it.”

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The above discussion about charter schools comes from my research and experience gained over the last 8 years in homeschooling. I am not a lawyer, and the above information should not be considered or interpreted as legal advice.


Stay tuned for Part 2 –  THE Plan


Written by 

Founder of Bixby Educational Events, Inc., fondly known as B.E.E., an educational non-profit providing services to the Home, Private and Charter School Communities of Orange County.