Final Speaker & Interactive Workshop for Parent Teacher Series

Join us for an interactive workshop & Beatrix Potter speaker that will be the culmination of our Master Parent Teacher Series.

The speakers and the talks have been Free, and will also be Free if you are in BEE specialty program or have paid your All-In fee for the 2017/2018 school year. Otherwise, the cost of the workshop is $150 per family.

We look forward to providing this experience for you to observe and participate along with your students as we integrate the concepts from all five…

Arts are not dispensable

Schools today, often even home schools, seem to dismiss the arts as dispensable. While reading, writing, and math are of great importance, if we neglect the arts, what will our children read about? What will they write about? I believe the arts are paramount to a well-rounded education! Yet, often they are cost-prohibitive and not accessible to the average family…especially the average home school family.

About artist in residency Maire Clerkin

This year we will be diving deep into the Middle Ages – joining us will be Maire Clerkin.

About the Artist

Máire Clerkin is an actor, Irish Dancer, choreographer, writer and teacher. From London of Irish parents, she moved to sunny California in 2003. She tours her one-woman show (see Performances), teaches dance drama in schools, runs literacy through dance education programs,…

Here’s how to register for Workshop Summer Camps starting next week for students ages 10 and up

Here is what you need to know about being involved in Summer Camp at the Urban Workshop this summer of 2016. Please pass this along and share it with others.

Summer Camps are open to all students age 10 and up – whether they go to “regular” school or are involved in homeschooling….

BEE is an educational nonprofit and has received a grant from the Haas foundation to encourage student enrollment into these workshop level courses. The funding is limited, please apply early.

If you are part of the alternative educational community, then you have one of two choices for registration:

If you are using charter funds, BEE is a recognized vendor for many charter schools in the area…

Roots of American Music – Arts Teach

Join us as we travel from the Eastern United States over the Appalachian Mountains across the Western plains and down to Louisiana to give students an idea of how American music came to be, while getting a history and geography lesson at the same time.

Many people ask me: “How do we connect these assembly shows into our curriculum?” and “Why would we need to do it?”

Here is how your student can participate in Imagination Celebration Art Contest

We all know that education goes far and beyond the classroom, especially when it comes to the arts. Many of your children have dedicated themselves to expanding their creativity through many types of art classes.

So, let’s show off those skills at the Imagination Celebration this year! Entering to show your work is open to all school-age children, regardless of where they go to school.