Gryphon Fencing Club

The coaching staff at Gryphon has a love for the sport of fencing. We believe that it is a superb activity for improving one’s body, mind and character. Our goal as fencing coaches is to develop strength, intelligence, and integrity in each of our students and to teach them skills that will contribute to their academic and professional success.

Fencing for over twenty-five years, Eric Holmgren was trained by fencing master Albert Couturier in modern international style that combines the best of the French and Hungarian systems. Coach Holmgren is a member of the USFA (United States Fencing Association) and has been a competitive fencer.  Since 1993, Eric Holmgren has been the head coach for the fencing club at the University of California at Irvine. In 2000 he established their first intercollegiate team.

Coach Holmgren has been certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association as a Moniteur d’ Armes (all three weapons) and Prevot de Fleuret (foil).  Coach Holmgren is a certified Level 2 Instructor by USA Archery. He has been practicing archery and competing locally for over 20 years.

Eric has a passion to bring History to life and will be joining us in our History classes as we progress through the Middle Ages onward.

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