Homeschool Overview

We know that there is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming.

Economists have taught us that a lot of choice is not always a good thing. Having many options can lead to “analysis paralysis” and a feeling of being overwhelmed, due to the increased effort required and the level of uncertainty in making the right choice.


At BEE, we are committed to working with you to encourage you and your student to home education success. Below are a few questions most parents face with regards to homeschooling that you may want to consider.  We are here to help!

  • Why are you choosing to homeschool?
  • And who will pay for it?
    • One of the biggest factors is cost. The truth is education is not free, and you must decide whether you would like to be independent of government subsidies, regulations, testing or not.
  • If private financing is not a viable option for your family, then Charter is the option you seek so you may access public funds to spend on educational vendors, programs and learning centers.

Charter School Family

For the purpose of this website, you are a Charter Family if you are enrolled in one of the below listed charter schools.

We are listed as Bixby Educational Events, Inc. or (B.E.E.) on the approved vendor list of these Charter Schools: Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAS)Dehesa, ExcelILead ,InspireNational University Academy, Sage Oak,  Springs,  and Sky Mountain charter schools.

We look forward to partnering with you and your charter school to give you these unique educational experiences.

Independent Family

For the purpose of this website, you are an Independent Family, if you file your own private school affidavit and are the primary teacher for your student(s).

We realize that being an Independent family can be a life like a busy bee running from place to place to find the enriching experiences for your students.   BEE is designed to broker the educational experiences to bring independents together so that we can have access to more programs that are otherwise unattainable and perhaps not affordable.

You may participate in all that BEE has to offer.

Private School Family

For the purpose of this website, you are a Private School Family, if you would like to register with one of our school options.  Our Private School Satellite programs are called The HIVE (Homeschool Initiative for Vocational Education) and Creekside Christian School.

We hope that by coming together we can insure that you have all the confidence you need for a successful education journey.

We have been in the homeschool community since 1996 and understand that there are many reasons that you may desire this privilege.