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How Is B.E.E. Different?

B.E.E. is an educational nonprofit working alongside those who want to change the educational “system” for students. We are partnering with other community organizations to provide a core set of knowledge and skills that students will need. Our goal is to give you, the parent, the confidence and tools to change your student’s education.

Change is not easy, and changing from a public school mindset to a “student-directed” or “student needs” mindset is a big shift.

We understand this change because we went through the same thing ourselves while making the leap into homeschooling years ago. While going through this, there may be a number of questions you want to ask.

This nonprofit was built by homeschoolers for homeschoolers to help you through this transition.

  • What curriculum do I need?

There is so much information out there that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and afraid of not knowing what to do or where to start.  We have already done the work for you by addressing what content will be covered every year for your student’s “curriculum”.  We have created a coordinated team of professionals that will provide a cohesive curriculum for your student.  Learn more regarding our Programs.

  • Will my child be prepared?

According to a Harvard study on Arts integration, “The arts are a fundamentally important part of culture, and an education without them is an impoverished education leading to an impoverished society.”  Find out more…

BEE functions as one team of Professional Educators and Artists that have collaborated together to create a cohesively designed curriculum geared towards your student’s academic success and to be prepared for the “real world”.

  • Programs cover the four (4) core academic subjects (Math, Science, History & Language Arts)
  • Supports student growth in many skill areas that can translate into jobs
  • Parents are informed, through a teacher newsletter, of the skills and topics taught in class for their use and practice at home


  • Can I afford to homeschool?

As a nonprofit, we have worked hard to keep costs of class participation down below the private school model and fee structure.  Our costs remain low because as a nonprofit, all profits are reinvested into our programs. You can choose to register and become part of a charter school to receive some of the funding as well as work through a monthly payment option.

If you are ready to make the change and answer these questions about your student’s education, follow these easy steps:

  1. Join us and register here.
  2. Choose which one of the charter schools to register with to receive funding assistance, and a credentialed teacher to provide professional guidance for your student.
  3. Pick one of our professionally designed two day-a-week programs, either Arts Teach or H.I.V.E., to start with this year.