How of BEE part 3

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In last week’s post, I mentioned how I saw what a difference the Arts Events made for my family, and I felt that more families deserved this same opportunity. This is where the idea to make them available through a “field trip” experience for all children was born.

We sought out a name for the company that would describe the people we serve.  They are busy moms, who are out searching for resources to produce high quality education for children.  They resembled to me a picture of being like ‘busy bees’, gathering pollen to produce high quality honey.    B.E.E. (Bixby Educational Events, Inc.) became the name of the company; envisioning a partnership with the Homeschool Community to become a valuable resource for them.

Today, B.E.E. is an Educational Nonprofit Corporation that depends upon the generosity of individual charitable donations, ticket sales and funding from corporations and organizations who are willing to support our passion for the Arts.

We are a one of a kind resource for the Homeschool Community because we provide: 1) a safe place for Arts Events that would not be available to smaller groups; 2) A commitment to giving parents the resources, training and materials needed to help their children achieve and reveal their gifts; 3) Empowerment to parents for instructing and equipping their children in necessary life skills; 4) An opportunity to pay it forward by doing something for others.

To achieve our vision, BEE has a two part approach. The first part involves parents by providing them with an introductory path of Arts Integration within their daily curriculum. (More about this in next week’s post).

The second part is the opportunity for Internships. BEE is a business that offers to our older students an opportunity to work behind the scenes to learn the who, what, why, when, and how of business. We hope that this will help them: to feel less intimidated by the business world, to be more encouraged about the prospects of getting a job, and to become empowered and confident enough to start a business on their own – if they want to.

W. Clement Stone said “What the mind believes, the mind will achieve.” Even though I believed my sons could be so much more, they needed to believe it themselves. BEE provided the avenue for them to learn more about themselves through helping setup the shows and seeing how the audience was inspired. My fears as a Homeschool parent were put to rest as I watched them start to believe in themselves and have more confidence.

I believe that Home Educating parents have a powerful ‘Voice’ today. That ‘Voice’ has been changing the way education is being thought of in the US already.  There is an even larger opportunity to change the mindset of our culture and show the value of Art, Music, Drama, and Dance in education.

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