How the Arts Unlock the Door to Learning

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I wish I had understood more about Arts Integration when my students were young.   If you are “into the Arts” then you already know this, unfortunately I was not and I didn’t understand their impact on the abilities that they would build in my sons.  I have shared earlier that we struggled with school subjects.  Why did we still struggle with school?  Was it my lack of educational training?  Was it the curriculum we chose?  If only I had known that the struggle wasn’t with the curriculum or my lack of educational training.

Did you know that the Arts build the basis for learning?

I have heard many advocates talk about the Arts but I didn’t see how it was necessary.  I am not “artistic” and I didn’t see that either of my boys showed an interest towards the Arts.   Why would I push them into the Arts?

Here is what I learned from the blog link below on “How” and the “Why” for Art Integration is unlocks learning in your student:

  •  Arts integration goes beyond including art projects in class
  • that engagement in the learning process can also be leveraged to boost academic growth and improve discipline 
  • there is neuroscience that explains how storytelling works on the brain to improve math and other linear processes in the brain

  • With arts integration, high-quality professional development is essential. Teachers don’t need to be “artistic” to be able to use arts integration; they just need to learn some of the fundamentals.  (This is why BEE is striving to provide you access to Professional Artists)
  • the arts can provide all kinds of benefits for kids, from intellectual to creative to social-emotional.

Shouldn’t all kids have the opportunity to learn about and experience the Arts?  Please consider investing in the lives of children right here in Orange County.

Read the full story by clicking here

I am grateful we have a certified teacher to help us learn more and she enjoys writing blog posts to help us learn more about how to integrate the Arts.

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