Inspire Partnership

BEE has partnered with Inspire to make our programs available and affordable to their students.

To ensure an easy transition from your current educational choice, you must enroll with both Inspire and BEE.  The procedures are stated below.

There are two separate pathways for participating through Inspire.

You must first be registered with Inspire, but you will have to choose whether you want either the Main (previously Choice Plus)or Specialty program (now called Pacific Coast Academy).

A video walkthrough is available for your families’ convenience in order to enroll in Inspire.


Main (Choice Plus) = Parent's choice for expenditure of funds

Specialty = All funds committed to Specialty partner

Program Comparison Chart

Main (Choice Plus )

Average $2600.00 per school year
  • Parent chooses & processes everything (P.O's & vendors).
  • Parents purchase curriculum.
  • Parents select electives.
  • Parents must schedule a time to meet with teacher and provide work samples.
  • Parents are provided a credentialed teacher to meet with. Mandatory monthly meeting.

Specialty (2 day program)

Tuition FREE per school year
  • Parents and BEE choose together.
  • Electives included cover all 4 arts disciplines & more.
  • Credentialed teacher on campus & work samples taken from classroom activities.
  • Parents meet with on-campus teacher.
  • NEW as of the 2017/2018 school year you can pick of 4 online coursework included!

Enrollment procedures for BEE

If you are choosing Choice Plus, to Enroll you need to reserve each individual student's place. You must "shop" using one shopping cart per student.  This will insure one confirmation number for your purchase order.

You have one of two educational options.

  1. You may purchase one "Main" day, which includes 2 core classes + electives, or the Studio day, on a single day.
  2. You may purchase a two day "Themed Program", which includes 4 core classes + electives over a two day period.

Please submit all purchase orders for a monthly payment option.

If your charter does not cover the full cost of the program, then you are responsible for the difference.

Enrollment procedures for BEE

If you are choosing the Specialty Program option, you need to state on Inspire site for Lara Stolte as your teacher and you need to reserve your space now for any of our programs

In order to participate in any of our programs or classes, you must first pay the Registration Fee of $150.00 per family. This is non-refundable and is not covered by any charter funds.

The All-In Membership fee entitles a family, who is part of Inspire Specialty, to have their charter funds cover the cost of the third day, referred to as the studio day.

Specialty Program Reservation

The documents below will be necessary for enrollment in the Specialty program on the Inspire website. Click to open and save for use.

EC - BEE BixbyHIVE-Form

EC High School Form