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When you choose to homeschool, your first questions are usually about what curriculum should be used.  As the Internet has grown, so have your available options for choosing curriculum, which will make the decision process even harder – unless you know the learning strategy that is best for your student.  I will be using the book mentioned below as a basis for starting the process for creating your Individual Learning Program.

In Dr. Wynn’s book – How to Pick the Right Teaching Strategy for Children and Teens, she states that the definition of curriculum “refers to the content that’s to be taught, such as fractions, British Literature, or dinosaurs.  Instruction on the other hand, refers to how someone goes about teaching that content to students.”

It is important to understand this distinction for starting the conversation to create your own student’s learning program through our Master Parent Teacher Series. It is not just about the type of textbooks you have purchased because there is more to consider.  Ask yourself “What is the philosophy behind this textbook?” and “Is the method of instruction the right one for my student?”

I am going to reference Dr. Wynn’s book, using it as the basis for our discussion in the Master-Parent Teacher series.  I believe she covers a variety of points about finding the learning strategy without confusing the issue with “homeschool terminology.”

Below is a chart from Dr. Wynn’s book where she gets us to think about our philosophy and what is important to us.  I think this is important for you to consider before you go “shopping for curriculum, support group, or classes” so that you can be sure that you are aligned in philosophy first.

Join us as together we discover the right strategy for your student’s education.  Please attend our first in-person meeting on Jan 22nd.  Click here to learn more.

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