Join Jacque as we Journey to the Past

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Join us on Friday, October 16, 2015!  A unique program, Journeys to the Past, takes students on a journey into the lifestyle of the California Indian, specifically the Acjachemen Nation, which flourished in Southern California hundreds of years before Father Serra. Jacque shares, through stories and songs, her people’s indigenous tools, instruments, games, and clothing. She includes how American Indians preserve their culture today by participating in Intertribal Pow wows. The children view traditional dances and get the chance to participate. Students leave with a wonderful understanding of “environmentalism” and what it means to be “keepers of the earth.”


Join us for a day of workshops and activities exploring  the past.   Learn more here:  [ct_button id=”button_8″ size=”small” solid=”1″ link=”” icon=”” arrow=”1″ color=”#” css_animation=”” animation_delay=””]Interdisciplinary Day[/ct_button]


Come for just the show from 1:30 to 2:30pm.  You may want to bring a beach chair.  Learn more here:  [ct_button id=”button_13″ size=”small” solid=”0″ link=”” icon=”” arrow=”1″ color=”#” css_animation=”” animation_delay=””]Jacque Nunez Show[/ct_button]


All proceeds from our events help us with lowering costs for other programs and homeschool families.  Thank you for telling and sharing with others.

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