Learning preferences and types

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Join us on Sunday evening, Jan. 22nd, 2017 from 7:30 – 9:30 pm for an introduction to homeschooling as well as starting our Master Parent Teacher Series covering an overview of learning preferences and types.  Do you know your own personality type and how it interacts with your student(s)?

We have been using Dr. Wynn’s book as the basis for our latest posts to promote thinking through your strategy for developing your students learning program.  On page 63 of her book, she addresses learning preferences and types.  This will be the first topic of our overall series. We will delve into understanding our own personality and how it interacts with others.  Dr. Wynn uses the Myers-Briggs assessments, but I prefer and am more familiar with the personality assessments in Wired That Way by Marita Littauer.

For our first evening together, we have purchased these assessment tests from Personality Plus for you, and I highly recommend that you purchase her book Wired That Way.  I have used this book in our junior and high school student classes, and they love learning about the personalities!

As Marita states in her book: “Have you ever noticed that there are people out there who are different from you? …it is our individual responsibility to be at “peace with everyone”.

Learning about the personalities is just a tool.  The book uses terminology from Hippocrates (Greek thinker around 400 BC; also known as the father of modern medicine), who theorized that what made people so different was their body chemistry.  People are categorized into four basic groups.

Join us and learn more about the Popular Sanguine, the Powerful Choleric, the Peaceful Phlegmatic and the Perfect Melancholy.

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