Many people argue they learned more by doing than by formal schooling

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“A thought-provoking article” said Allison Sweeney, another local busy BEE mom. In the article “Don’t assume I’m smarter than my contractor”, by Kevin Currie-Knight, a number of studies ask why culture trivializes nonacademic intelligence and knowledge. The full article is linked below.

Many people would argue they learned more by doing things like jobs, sports, leadership in clubs, than by actual formal schooling.

“According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), learning disabilities can only exist in academic subjects like reading and math. If you are bad at playing music or drawing, you are not learning disabled — just bad at music or art.”

Matthew Crawford “bemoans the dichotomy we set up in our schools and society between knowing and doing. Schools are increasingly cancelling programs like shop class to make way for more knowing and less doing.”

School has conditioned us to regard what happens there as important, while we relegate what happens outside of school to the dust heap of “extracurriculars.”

Whether we mean to or not, we constantly reinforce the message that only the stuff kids are taught in school counts as serious learning. Extracurriculars are fine, but what really counts is in their textbooks and homework.

Ivan Illich suggests “that schooling makes us dependent on institutions for learning by convincing us that what we learn in school is important and what we learn outside is not.”

BEE believes that hands-on experiences like shop classes are an important component in learning as much as academics. As such, we are offering classes for all students to participate in the workshop during the summer as well as for the next school year.

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