Master Parent Teacher Series

Through our Master Parent Teacher Series, Our Team, will come together to teach and support the parent.  Starting in August 2016, we will do a series of hands-on workshops and online meetings to help build the Master Parent Teacher.

We plan to walk with you through whichever program you choose so that as a parent, you will help your child build competence to¹:

  • Be a Skillful Planner - Plan activities and experiences that support young people's growth and development.
  • Be a Personal Trainer - Choose and facilitate experiences that build young people's abilities.
  • Be Strengths-Based - Recognize, draw out and build upon young people's strengths.
  • Empower the Young Person - Nurture young people's sense of self and independence.
  • Facilitate Personal Mastery of Skillsets and Mindsets - Provide the space and time young people need to observe, develop, and demonstrate skillsets and mindsets.
  • Make Real World Connections - Show young people how activities and experiences connect to the real world.
  • Model What You Want - Be a positive example for young people by modeling what you expect from them.
  • Provide Positive Challenges - Push young people to keep growing by offering opportunities to get out of their comfort zone, work hard and try something new.
  • Provide Resources - Give young people access to information, tools, and supports they need.
  • Provide Structure - Establish clear, consistent boundaries and a sense of predictability.

It's about the end result.  Will your student be ready for their own future?  Will they be able to say:

  • I can get and stay healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • I can solve problems and make decisions about the intellectual, social, moral and emotional issues and problems I face.
  • I can relate to others and the world by forming, managing and sustaining my relationships.
  • I can use insights to grow and develop in each stage of life.
  • I can work and stay focused in each stage of life.
  • I can think and create in ways that help me navigate and experience life.
  • I can persist through struggles and maintain hope no matter my challenges.
  • I can engage with people and places by being present and engaging in meaningful, real and honest ways.
  • I can apply learning in the real world to meet life demands.
  • I can feel and express emotion appropriately and as a way to connect with others.

¹ The above information was taken from a research study entitled: READY BY DESIGN: THE SCIENCE (AND ART) OF YOUTH READINESS , by Stephanie Malia Krauss, Karen J. Pittman and Caitlin Johnson, March 2016 (The Readiness Project)


Through a series of lectures we will train you how to create your own independent study program for each of your students.  We have created this series and one event in the series builds on the previous concepts provided.

You will be empowered and taught how to create your own plan and attain the goals listed above for your family.

We look forward to providing the experiences for you to observe and participate as we integrate the concepts from all of the topics covered, including:

  • Their Personality with others,
  • Your student’s Call to Brilliance,
  • The Integration of the Arts into core subjects,
  • Investigate educational philosophies and dive into the Unit Study approach
  • A Learning plan in action

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Blog Posts

Deeper into the PRIMAL Strategy

As stated on a previous post, Dr. Wynn encourages us to think about what defines curriculum.  She states that the term is not all inclusive. We should consider the “content” of what needs to be taught separate from the subject matter. I hope that the following information helps you to consider what curriculum means to you …

In her book, Dr. Wynn has many pages of resources that match the PRIMAL strategy to relevant instructional practices…

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Six types of curriculum

Now that you are thinking through your educational philosophy and understanding more about your students learning preferences, now let’s think through curriculum.

Per Dr. Sherri L Wynn, Ed.D. author of How to Pick the Right Teaching Strategy for Children and Teens, (pg 24) the world seems to have accepted the tem curriculum as an all-inclusive name for whatever content is being taught, I believe it’s important to create categories of curriculum according to type rather than subject matter.

I know for most moms starting into their journey of home education, their first concern is usually what curriculum to buy. My hope is that this process is enlightening you to the facts that “content” can be instructed many different ways and you can do it in such a way that your child thrives.

Dr. Wynn helps us think through categories of curriculum according to a type rather than subject matter…

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Worldview or philospohy

As you consider what is most important for your educational journey, Dr. Wynn takes us through a process of thinking about:

What is real?
What is true?
What is of value?
Why do I think this is important to consider? Speaking from my own experience when I first started homeschooling, the key question was – how important is the worldview of the curriculum to me? After 20 plus years in the homeschool community, knowing the struggle to finding the “right” support group or the “right curriculum”, I realize the wisdom of what Dr. Wynn states in her book (page 20)….

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Learning preferences and types

Join us on Jan. 22nd, 2017 from 7:30 – 9:30 as we go over an introduction to homeschooling and start our Master Parent Teacher Series with an overview of Learning preferences and types. In other words, do you know your personality type and how it interacts with your student(s)?

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It’s about more than just the curriculum

When you choose to homeschool, your first questions are usually about what curriculum should be used. As the Internet has grown, so have your available options for choosing curriculum, which will make the decision process even harder – unless you know the learning strategy that is best for your student. I will be using the book mentioned below as a basis for starting the process for creating your Individual Learning Program.

In Dr. Wynn’s book …

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