Orange County Sewing Lessons

Sewing is fun and easy once you know how!

In 2016, we partnered with Rossanna from Orange County Sewing Lessons.  Our goal is to show students how the art of sewing is important skill to learn for life but also how it can grow into a passion for our CTE classes.  Through our partnership we hope to not only show students the basic life skills of sewing but to ignite their interest and fuel their passion into Fashion or Interior Design.

These classes will be incorporated into our Arts Teach plan and will be available for our students on the Studio Day.

About OC Sewing Lesson

Learn how to make unique and attractive clothes that are fitted exactly for you! Decorate your home with designer window treatments, pillows, throws, bedding, cushions and more!

You will learn sewing machine skills, how to read a pattern and measure for pattern sizes, basic sewing terms, cutting and assembly, and you will end with a great new outfit that you created.

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Student Testimonial:

Mrs. B  - "I think I finally get it."  That's great - what is it that you "get".  Student response - "The hand sewing helps with precision and focus.  The machine sewing requires eye hand coordination and increases the focus for paying attention."