Private School Family

For the purpose of this website, you are a Private School Family if you are registered under a private school umbrella.  You may enroll in one of our programs, either: The HIVE (Homeschool Initiative for Vocational Education) or Creekside Christian School.

The benefits of being under the private school umbrella are that:

  • It provides community support thru park days, field trips and more.
  • Curriculum and transcript development thru parental choice
  • Professional administration of school tasks
  • And more

Enrollment for our private school program

Pay the membership fee of $300.00 to start the enrollment process.


Purchase your membership for $300.00 by clicking the button to get started.

Enrollment Procedures

After the membership is completed and payment is confirmed then the discounts will be reflected in the pricing of any product.

To reserve each individual students' place in a program, you must "shop" using one shopping cart per student.

You have one of two educational options.

  1. You may purchase one "Main" day, which includes 2 core classes + electives, or the Studio day, on a single day.
  2. You may purchase a two day "Themed Program", which includes 4 core classes + electives over a two day period.

Enroll Now!

Purchase either the 2-Day (Themed program), or the 1-Day (Main) options.