Register and Enroll

I am interested and want to sign up my student for classes.

Enrollment Procedures

  1. You must pay a registration fee.  If you are choosing a One Day cohesive program or a Two Day Program pay the Registration Fee below.
  2. If you would like any additional days, it is your financial responsibility to cover the costs.  Installment plans can be arranged.
  3. After your registration fee(s) is paid, then you will be sent an email for finishing the enrollment process for each student or the Ready to Enroll page will be accessible to you.

    To reserve each individual students' place in a program for the fall, you must "shop" using one shopping cart per student.  This will insure one confirmation number for your records per student.

    Payment options

    Charter School

    Are you with a Charter school? Check this page to see which charter schools we are an approved vendor.

    Please submit all purchase orders for a monthly payment option. Any costs incurred above your allotted funds is to be paid by you.

    Independent Student