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This once a week program is designed to create a relaxed and pressure-free environment in which students learn to use a wide selection of hand tools  and power tools with a variety of materials. Each class will introduce participants to a new style of tool, and provide a project which will cultivate each new skill.

Dates and times for Fall 2017 School Year.

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This program starts in our Level 1 series where kids are introduced to hand tools, metal working tools, wood shop, electronics, and AutoCAD where they develop a feel for the tools they are using and manipulating. Level 2 increases the technical difficulty by introducing powered hand tools, welding, small machinery, engine mechanics, circuitry, and more advanced AutoCAD modeling to the curriculum.  To see all of the 5 levels of classes to bring young adults to the point where they will understand the basics of automotive, power tools, modeling, as well as machinery operation.

The goal of this program is to build on the previous knowledge of how to use basic hand tools, and help develop the “feel” needed to successfully work with different materials and mechanical systems. The understanding of the hand and power tools will provide a solid foundation for the level 3 and 4 programs, where increasingly more powerful tools will be introduced along with more complicated projects.

Equipment: Students will need to bring their own laptops for computer lab sessions.
Minimum age: 10 years      Maximum age: 16 years

Minimum number of kids to make a class: 5

Maximum number of kids per class: 10

1 week prior to class start, parents will be contacted to confirm their session or to be reassigned.

Safety: Closed-toed shoes are mandatory.  Long sleeves and pants are recommended for days with welding and sawing.

Cost: $800 per student per level of class. Includes project materials and the use of Urban Workshop’s tools.  Price is for a full year of 2 levels.

Location: Urban Workshop – 365-A Clinton St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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