Students connecting learning to real world projects

We are seven weeks into the semester, and student’s lives are changing. They are moving from thinking ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘look what I can do’.

A new student joined our campus this month since transferring from one of the highest academic charter schools in the area. She is rediscovering a love of learning where math is not just doing a bunch of worksheets for hours, but making connections to the real world. She is finishing creating a design and learning measurement so she can transfer it into cutting, sizing, and drawing onto wooden boards that are part of a ‘cornhole beanbag game’ being finished for a family fun night activity. She is excited that she gets to play an integral part in planning this activity that will take place on BEE campus.

Stay tuned for more student stories ongoing, and consider joining us next semester. We would love to talk with you more about our program and our students.

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Founder of Bixby Educational Events, Inc., fondly known as B.E.E., an educational non-profit providing services to the Home, Private and Charter School Communities of Orange County.