What if your child loved going to school?

What if your child loved going to school? Sound like a fantasy? It’s not. It is our mission to find your child’s passions and help them translate that in to an actual career. We think that children, who are given the chance to discover their passions early in life, will embrace learning to an extent most parents only dream of…

See All We Offer for Classes at Our Costa Mesa Campus for BEE

Are you tired of running all over town like a busy bee? By coming to our Costa Mesa campus, your student can participate in all of the following classes in one location:

4 core subjects – Math, Science, Language Arts/English and History (Social Studies)
4 Art disciplines – Visual Arts (including industrial arts), Music, Dance and Theater
includes a 10 week artist in residency with learning Celtic Music, dance and performance
and additional options are available: (included in the Specialty program)

between: 2 to 4 – Junior Achievement electives – planning for the student to own their economic success
Museum memberships and other field trips for a year free through NARM
or Urban Workshop level course
If you join us as an Inspire Specialty Partner or become a Premium Member, you can benefit from portions …

Inspire Charter School Partnership Registration closing soon

BEE has partnered with Inspire Charter School to make our programming available and affordable to their students. Through our partnership, Inspire will be adding a credentialed teacher to oversee the educational structure of the below programs and their families will receive a tuition FREE education. Registration for the full program closing on the 16th.

If you are not sure which program you wish to choose, then…

Master Parent Teacher Series Part 1

Through our Master Parent Teacher Series, Our Team, will come together to teach and support the parent. Starting in the Fall 2016, we will do a series of hands-on workshops and online meetings to help build the Master Parent Teacher in you.

We plan to walk with you through whichever program you choose so that as a parent, you will help your child build competence …

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent! is a statement no parent wants to hear

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent – that is what Mary heard from one of her daughters teachers in Elementary school. Why do I tell you this? Because I hope that you hear from us that we care, we know the pain, and we know there has to be a better way.