See All We Offer for Classes at Our Costa Mesa Campus for BEE

Are you tired of running all over town like a busy bee? By coming to our Costa Mesa campus, your student can participate in all of the following classes in one location:

4 core subjects – Math, Science, Language Arts/English and History (Social Studies)
4 Art disciplines – Visual Arts (including industrial arts), Music, Dance and Theater
includes a 10 week artist in residency with learning Celtic Music, dance and performance
and additional options are available: (included in the Specialty program)

between: 2 to 4 – Junior Achievement electives – planning for the student to own their economic success
Museum memberships and other field trips for a year free through NARM
or Urban Workshop level course
If you join us as an Inspire Specialty Partner or become a Premium Member, you can benefit from portions …

My top 10 unexpected things I learned in shop class by Sara Faunce

Hello, my name is Sara Faunce and I am 11 years old. I had the privilege of fusing my two favorite vendor classes together; I took a shop class at Urban Workshop, a maker’s space in Costa Mesa, and Creative Writing taught by Raundi Moore. My creative writing assignment was to write and perform a TED Talk on an idea worth sharing, so why not do a TED Talk on why kids should take shop classes and list the ten unexpected lessons I learned at Urban Workshop?

Now I know that a talk on the Industrial Arts might not be that entertaining for the kids, so I brought a little toy with me. Raise your hand if you want a marshmallow! (Shoot launcher) Okay, everybody settle down. If it is okay with your parents and Ms. Carrete, after the showcase you can come to me, and you can try out the launcher yourself.

Does your education system answer these questions

Are you ready to know how to create that personalize learning program for your student? Do you want to join us for a series to learn how to become the Parent Teacher you can be?

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Wrapping up the JA Company Class

JA Journals has come to the end of its sixteen week life cycle, and what a learning opportunity and experience it has been for all those who participated in the process of forming the company, naming it and working within it to make it a success.

JA Journals designed and produced 61 journals to sell. Our Sales Team sold 61 journals, which made $300.00 for the Company. Each Stock Holder received $2.25 per stock and each Company Employee was paid $.50 per hour except the officers were paid $1.50. All combined, producing a 12% profit for our company which is truly unheard of in the business world for any start-up company let alone one that has only been in business for sixteen weeks! That’s like grass usually growing at a one inch rate per week suddenly growing at a 2.1 inch rate per week. Mowing the lawn becomes a job for a lawn service rather than a once a week do it yourself chore. You must agree that the growth was amazing.