B.E.E. Shaped My Future

As I sit here ready to share my story, I realize that where I am today is due to the zeal and honor B.E.E. gave and continues to give me. I hope my life will do it justice.

In July 2013, I was connected with Donna Bixby of B.E.E. Though she didn’t know me, she believed in me and focused on my passion for computer programming. I was pressed to learn HTML and lured with an I.T. carrot that I could help create and maintain her website if I learned it well. From there, I assisted…

The Business of Education

It has become impossible to ignore all the marketing recently being done on every Radio, Television and Internet Network about the new available educational opportunities…on line programs, special individualized programs, the newest Charter and Magnet programs, new Private Satellite Programs, Read More …

Sophia Story of JA Company Success

In the spring of my daughters eighth grade year, she had the opportunity to apply for the Nordstroms BP teen fashion board. Even at this young age, Sophia could start imagining a future career in the fashion world. Most girls at this age envision a fashion career might be predominately based on design, however, the insights gained during her time enrolled in Bixby Educational Events, Inc – JA Company Class gave her a much better understanding of the variety of opportunities that might be available. As part of the HR team and also involved in the design and production process of the handmade journal books, Sophia was able to directly experience the many components of the business world first hand.