Final Speaker & Interactive Workshop for Parent Teacher Series

Join us for an interactive workshop & Beatrix Potter speaker that will be the culmination of our Master Parent Teacher Series.

The speakers and the talks have been Free, and will also be Free if you are in BEE specialty program or have paid your All-In fee for the 2017/2018 school year. Otherwise, the cost of the workshop is $150 per family.

We look forward to providing this experience for you to observe and participate along with your students as we integrate the concepts from all five…

Deeper into the PRIMAL Strategy

As stated on a previous post, Dr. Wynn encourages us to think about what defines curriculum.  She states that the term is not all inclusive. We should consider the “content” of what needs to be taught separate from the subject matter. I hope that the following information helps you to consider what curriculum means to you …

In her book, Dr. Wynn has many pages of resources that match the PRIMAL strategy to relevant instructional practices…

It’s about more than just the curriculum

When you choose to homeschool, your first questions are usually about what curriculum should be used. As the Internet has grown, so have your available options for choosing curriculum, which will make the decision process even harder – unless you know the learning strategy that is best for your student. I will be using the book mentioned below as a basis for starting the process for creating your Individual Learning Program.

In Dr. Wynn’s book …

New Year new ideas about education

Happy New Year to you! It’s a new year and a time for reflection and planning ahead. Are you ready to contemplate about an education system that works for your student?

If so, please enjoy reading the next few posts that introduce our new Master Parent Teacher Series, which is geared to helping parents choose the right path for their children’s education.

I believe that we all start by thinking that the “system” is fine until it isn’t working for you or your student. Usually there is a “pain point” that triggers thinking that perhaps there is a better way. Maybe you have experienced:…

Introduction to Homeschooling

Why homeschooling?

Who can understand and value your child more than you? As both parent and teacher, you’ll discover that homeschooling is the best way to educate your child. It is flexible, fun, and allows you to:

Adjust your educational program to fit your child’s individual needs

Grow closer as a family unit

Develop your child’s specific interests and God-given talents

Spend time working on weak areas while building on your child’s strengths

Give your child more opportunities for hands-on learning

Teach an academic skill or concept until your child learns it

Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem…

Master Parent Teacher Series Part 1

Through our Master Parent Teacher Series, Our Team, will come together to teach and support the parent. Starting in the Fall 2016, we will do a series of hands-on workshops and online meetings to help build the Master Parent Teacher in you.

We plan to walk with you through whichever program you choose so that as a parent, you will help your child build competence …

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent! is a statement no parent wants to hear

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent – that is what Mary heard from one of her daughters teachers in Elementary school. Why do I tell you this? Because I hope that you hear from us that we care, we know the pain, and we know there has to be a better way.

Many people argue they learned more by doing than by formal schooling

“A thought-provoking article” said Allison Sweeney, another local busy BEE mom. In the article “Don’t assume I’m smarter than my contractor”, by Kevin Currie-Knight, a number of studies ask why culture trivializes nonacademic intelligence and knowledge. The full article is linked below.

Many people would argue they learned more by doing things like jobs, sports, leadership in clubs, than by actual formal schooling.

“According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), learning disabilities can only exist in academic subjects like …

Does your education system answer these questions

Are you ready to know how to create that personalize learning program for your student? Do you want to join us for a series to learn how to become the Parent Teacher you can be?

Let us know if you are ready to help your student answer these questions…