Confessions of a Homeschool Survivor

When fall came, my mother called the public school in our small farm town. Since I had a January birthday, they reported, I would have to go back and start over in kindergarten. This would not do. I was energetic, easily distracted, and in need of constant challenging. Thus began the research, prayer, and —let’s say it— courage that would lead my parents to homeschool me and my two younger siblings from Day 1 to our respective High School Graduations.

Many people argue they learned more by doing than by formal schooling

“A thought-provoking article” said Allison Sweeney, another local busy BEE mom. In the article “Don’t assume I’m smarter than my contractor”, by Kevin Currie-Knight, a number of studies ask why culture trivializes nonacademic intelligence and knowledge. The full article is linked below.

Many people would argue they learned more by doing things like jobs, sports, leadership in clubs, than by actual formal schooling.

“According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), learning disabilities can only exist in academic subjects like …

What is career success for your student?

The U.S. economy has changed. The manufacturing sector is growing and modernizing, creating a wealth of challenging, well-paying, highly skilled jobs for those with the skills to do them. The demise of vocational education at the high school level has bred a skills shortage in manufacturing today, and with it a wealth of career opportunities for both under-employed college grads and high school students looking for direct pathways to interesting, lucrative careers. Many of the jobs in manufacturing are attainable through apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and vocational programs offered at community colleges. They don’t require expensive, four-year degrees for which many students are not suited.

And contrary to what many parents believe, students who get job specific skills in high school and choose vocational careers often go on to get additional education. The modern workplace favors…

Announcing Student Jewelry store open for sale

Our BEE/ILA students in the Entrepreneur class 2 are incorporating the blended learning experience from JA Company Program.  The students have been enthusiastic about their company and product.  The officers have voted to name their company Jois de Viv Jewelry which Read More …