Arts are not dispensable

Schools today, often even home schools, seem to dismiss the arts as dispensable. While reading, writing, and math are of great importance, if we neglect the arts, what will our children read about? What will they write about? I believe the arts are paramount to a well-rounded education! Yet, often they are cost-prohibitive and not accessible to the average family…especially the average home school family.

See All We Offer for Classes at Our Costa Mesa Campus for BEE

Are you tired of running all over town like a busy bee? By coming to our Costa Mesa campus, your student can participate in all of the following classes in one location:

4 core subjects – Math, Science, Language Arts/English and History (Social Studies)
4 Art disciplines – Visual Arts (including industrial arts), Music, Dance and Theater
includes a 10 week artist in residency with learning Celtic Music, dance and performance
and additional options are available: (included in the Specialty program)

between: 2 to 4 – Junior Achievement electives – planning for the student to own their economic success
Museum memberships and other field trips for a year free through NARM
or Urban Workshop level course
If you join us as an Inspire Specialty Partner or become a Premium Member, you can benefit from portions …

Sensory Friendly Family Shows and Series at Segerstrom

This year when I previewed the Artist showcase at Segerstrom, I learned that they were starting a new family series.  I thought it would be helpful to share.   From SCFTA   [ct_button id=”button_53″ size=”small” solid=”0″ link=”” icon=”” arrow=”1″ color=”#” css_animation=”” Read More …

Coming to a homeschool site near you We Tell Stories

We Tell Stories Produced for the homeschool community through agreements with SCFTA Arts Teach, HEART PSP and Independent Learning Academy; you can add the power of stories to your Holiday Season.  Through the delightful retelling of 3 classic stories, we will Read More …