Meet CJCC teacher Connor

Connor Bell –
Teaching Artist for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

“I love drawing, reading and writing. I am constantly coming up with new characters and story ideas. I will spend hours at my favorite coffee shop putting these ideas on paper, coming up with character designs and elaborate back stories. I also love connecting with people, just talking, listening and discovering what they are passionate about. I aspire to work in the entertainment industry and love the interaction afforded to me as a Teaching Artist for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Being a Teaching Artist is important to me because I want to share the knowledge I have learned with others to help them on their artistic journey”
Education: California State University Fullerton, BFA – Animation/entertainment

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent! is a statement no parent wants to hear

Your child will be a juvenile delinquent – that is what Mary heard from one of her daughters teachers in Elementary school. Why do I tell you this? Because I hope that you hear from us that we care, we know the pain, and we know there has to be a better way.

Meet Jim Seiler

Meet Jim: He is our Junior Achievement volunteer who will be working with us and teaching the JA Company class on the campus of HSC in Feb 2014.

Jim Seiler’s career can be described as a dynamic, profit-oriented C Level Executive and Board of Director member with a unique blend of Fortune 500 and small business hands on experience. He has functioned as a turnaround specialist as a goal driven change agent,…