Urban Workshop

Urban Workshop is the 3rd largest DIY workshop and makerspace in North America and we provide the highest caliber of tools and equipment for our members to use along with the instruction needed to use it safely and effectively. Whether you are completing a home project or starting a new high tech business, our friendly staff and our large community of makers is always here to support and help you.

Through our partnership with the Urban Workshop, we give students the opportunity to learn and expand their vocational skill sets, through access to educational classes on woodworking, welding, machining, sheet metal, prototyping, plastics, fabrication, and electronics training.

In 2015, we partnered with the Urban Workshop, a full-scale workshop and training center located in Costa Mesa, CA, to provide all of the STEM training for our program participants. It is our goal to extend this program to meet the needs for skilled workers by manufacturers within their industries. Through this program, participants improve their fundamental technical skills and are introduced to a variety of workshop experiences.

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