What Hannah Taught Me: Unlearning the Rules and Rediscovering the Music

Written by: Stephanie Bowman I first met Hannah seven years ago. Although I had worked with special needs students before, this would be my first foray with Down’s syndrome, and I had no idea what to expect. While Anna and Read More …

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Always inspired

They always came home inspired and came up with project ideas. This shows what great teachers you have. I just helped them make their project ideas come to reality.

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Roosters support

Every year the Roosters Foundation, raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to help local charities. ¬†For the last three years BEE has been the beneficiary of grant support that has helped us launch our hands-on life skills classes and future Read More …

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Goals Convert Vision into Energy

Goals convert vision into energy. When you lay out exactly what you want to do in detail, you immediately start feeling the room move and the earth shake. You are pulled into your new life like some scene from a movie. Goals help make great men. J. C. Penney once said, …

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BEE makes learning Fun

AJ started attending Bixby HIVE program 3 days a week and he loves it. His is not only learning his core subjects (math, English, history and science) but he is also being expose to and loving fencing, sewing and public speaking. This center has found a way to make learning as fun as it should be…

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