Two Day Programs

The programs are a themed unit study approach that integrates your "electives" with four (4) Core subjects.

Students will meet in classrooms, for two-day-a-week program, that includes core academic subjects in Math, Language Arts, History, and Science. These classes are enriched with "Arts Teach" integration within each subject. In addition, the electives are geared towards careers, skill sets, and the exploration of industry clusters.

The activities and skills are rotated on a yearly basis to correspond to time periods of History.  Each age grouping is limited to 15 students.  This is subject to change for allowance of siblings in the same group and for bigger group activities such as dance.

Activities are subject to change depending on teacher availability.  The programs are open to all independent study students.  The prices reflect one school year for (2) - sixteen (16) week semesters of hands-on activities within one of the Two Day Programs.

Educational Options for the Cohesive Program

You have one of two educational options.

  • You may purchase one "Main" day, which includes 2 core classes + electives, or the Studio day, on a single day.
  • You may purchase a two day "Themed Program", which includes 4 core classes + electives over a two day period.

For families participating in any of our programs, you must first pay the non-refundable annual family registration fee.   This is not covered by most charter funds and is payable in advance.

Which program is right for my student?  Click on the program name to read more about it.

Arts Teach

The Arts Teach program is for the student who is already interested in the Arts.

Your student maybe showing signs of interest in drawing, film making, dance, music or theater.

This program is designed to take that interest and teach the necessary content of subjects through their interest until they discover a passion.

Company Program
The H.I.V.E.
Urban STEAM program
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"Through attaining a basic knowledge of the arts, children are not only better prepared to understand and appreciate works of art, but also to communicate their ideas, feelings, and judgments to others. A good understanding of the arts grows out of at least three modes of knowledge: creative (i.e., directly making artworks), historical, and analytical. Early study of the arts should embrace all three modes with special emphasis on creativity and active participation."

Core Knowledge Foundation