Let's delve into your child's interests together!

Together we will explore and understand the work behind a community and explore the careers available within it, and how their studies are preparing them for their part in that world.

TK - 2nd grade

Explore Interests
  • Discover their interests
  • Nurture their enthusiasm
  • Expand their brillance

3rd - 6th Grade

Igniting Passions
  • Focus their interests
  • Nurture their passion
  • Fuel their brillance

What our customers are saying...

B.E.E. shaped my future!  Every day, I feel excited and blessed about the future. I’m finally doing what I love to do, thanks to B.E.E.  

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 AJ started attending Bixby 3 days a week and he loves it. His is not only learning his core subjects (math, English, history and science) but he is also being expose to and loving fencing, sewing and public speaking. This center has found a way to make learning as fun as it should be.

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New generation of entrepreneurs!  The JA class is amazing. Teenagers being taught to start a company from scratch and learning how teamwork contribute to their success.[/caption]

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