Urban Workshop

Through our partnership with the Urban Workshop, we give students the opportunity to learn and expand their vocational skill sets, through access to educational classes on woodworking, welding, machining, sheet metal, prototyping, plastics, fabrication, and electronics training while receiving elective credit for high school.

In 2015, we partnered with the Urban Workshop, a full-scale workshop and training center located in Costa Mesa, CA, to provide all of the STEM training for our program participants. It is our goal to extend this program to meet the needs for skilled workers by manufacturers within their industries. Through this partnership we offer another Two Day Program, as participants improve their fundamental technical skills and are introduced to a variety of workshop experiences.  On campus their Math and Science skills are strengthened to build the cohesive understanding and knowledge for their growing skills.

This program starts in our Level 1 series where kids are introduced to hand tools, metal working tools, wood shop, electronics, and AutoCAD where they develop a feel for the tools they are using and manipulating. Level 2 increases the technical difficulty by introducing powered hand tools, welding, small machinery, engine mechanics, circuitry, and more advanced AutoCAD modeling to the curriculum. We hope to build up to 5 levels of classes to bring young adults to the point where they will understand the basics of automotive, power tools, modeling, as well as machinery operation.

We seek to inspire our community's youth to achieve their full potential by providing them the modern equivalent experience of what was referred to as "the industrial arts". Many schools in our area can no longer afford to provide this type of experience to our youth. Through this partnership, we hope to continue to build the curriculum in order to offer school STEAM classes, after-school opportunities, and summer camps.

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