What skill sets are you building this year? We are working in the building and construction trade …

Even though these skills are geared to building and construction, they are applicable for a wide variety of other learning disciplines. Skills like Thinking Skills, Memory, and Working with Others are all useful for students to learn and experience in general, regardless of whether they want to be working in building and construction or not.

According to the Careers in Construction website (http://www.careersinconstruction.ca/en/careers/essential-skills), there are 13 essential skills needed for building and construction. We are working with our students this year to teach them these skills while completing complimentary projects as part of the process.




Continuous Learning

The students are realizing that their first bird house won't look the same as their fifth birdhouse.

Decision Making

Here are some of the questions that they had to make in this process.  Should I make a birdhouse with a pitched roof or flat?  How big should it be?  How big is the bird that I want in my birdhouse?



Thinking Skills

The students are working on making a frame by cutting 1/2" round to the proper sizes and angles for their frame.  They have to think through the measurements and which way to cut the angles so that the frame looks the way they desire.

Working with Others

Learning to work with others to achieve a desired result is priceless opportunities for being prepared for the workforce.


Stay tuned for more skill building and learning in the construction trade.

designed and built birdhouse
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