Why I started BEE

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While, most of you know little bits and pieces of my story, I wanted to share with you more of my story.  The story behind why I have such a passion for the Arts.

When it came time to “send” my oldest son Jon to school, my concern for him was the rigidity with which he interacted with everything.   For example: when he played with his Legos, each block had a specific purpose and no other options for it.  I could see no innate creativity at work within him.   Would regular school be able to give him the needed information in very specific ways for him to deal with his rigidity and “get it”?  We checked out what was available to us at the time and learned we could legally homeschool him in CA.

We moved in 2003, our boys were 7 and 10 at the time.  We just moved to a new neighborhood and were desperate to find new friends.  I heard about an educational assembly going on over on Saddleback campus for homeschool families and we were off to find it.  We also found a support group to walk along side us which made all the difference in the world that no words can ever express.

By 4th grade Jon was really struggling with “school stuff”.  His brain just would not transition subjects fast enough.  He would call himself dumb and cry.  As a mother you can appreciate how broken my heart felt.  I researched everything I could find, read books and spoke to many people, while I continued to work with my son.

Feeling helpless, I broke down and saw a learning specialist for a diagnosis, just so that I could help Jon, not to label him.  The specialist was very impressed with how much Jon had learned considering that he tested out as ADHD with an Auditory Processing disability with Anxiety.  He asked about my ED program and commented that other 6th grade boys with the same diagnosis were not as socially well adapted as Jon.  Helping Jon then became easier.  My son’s cognitive abilities were impacted in the most way, by resources that included the Arts. The Arts has made a difference in his life and changed our lives as a family.

I am not an artist by any means, but it became so obvious to me that something else was happening within my boys that gave them the academic success that I could not have provided, no matter how much work I did with them. I was so excited by this process that I set out to understand it and then communicate the process to others.

A new passion of mine was born and I was determined to have access to more shows like this and to find out what had changed.   The idea for BEE started here.

Now my young men are teenagers and learning to take control of their own education, lives and career paths.  This is not an easy place for me (emotionally) but I prefer that they learn to succeed or fail while they are still here with us.  Do they know their entire subjects well?  I doubt it.  But what I do know is that the child who showed no signs of creativity is now working in a very creative environment.  I do know that as we had him retested to prepare for college, he no longer showed signs of any of the previous diagnosis.

Stay tuned as we continue to share our story further….

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