Worldview or philospohy

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As you consider what is most important for your educational journey, Dr. Wynn takes us through a process of thinking about:

  • What is real?
  • What is true?
  • What is of value?

Why do I think this is important to consider? Speaking from my own experience when I first started homeschooling, the key question was – how important is the worldview of the curriculum to me?  After 20 plus years in the homeschool community, knowing the struggle to finding the “right” support group or the “right curriculum”, I realize the wisdom of what Dr. Wynn states in her book (page 20).

Here is an excerpt to consider: “While a worldview explains a person’s general outlook on life in terms of values and beliefs, a philosophy is geared more toward a specific area – in this case education.  While there can be as many individual philosophies as there are people, most of us fit into one of the primary educational philosophies described here.” (chart inserted below for your convenience)… you may discover that you display evidence of multiple philosophies – that’s okay.  Chances are that you will find one of them to be most accurate for you most of the time.  Knowing that can help keep you centered on your goals as a teacher.”

I think the above statement is crucial as you “shop” with charter funds, trying to figure out what classes/learning center environment you are considering.

“So what, you ask? Why is a book on teaching strategies talking about philosophies?  It’s because understanding these philosophies makes it easier for you, as an educator, to analyze and evaluate various curriculum and instruction choices whether in a school, church, or your home-based classroom.  It also makes you more consistent as you deliberately select one curriculum or instructional method over another.” – Per Dr. Wynn pg 20

I couldn’t have said it any better.  I have a library full of “curriculum” that didn’t work.  I wish I had this counsel when I first started, but I was too overwhelmed and wasn’t thinking about the big picture.  I was in survival mode.  Understanding my philosophy and my husband’s would have saved us years of struggle and probably some disagreements too.


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Founder of Bixby Educational Events, Inc., fondly known as B.E.E., an educational non-profit providing services to the Home, Private and Charter School Communities of Orange County.